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Schaetze der Erinnerung 2014-2015/The Weather in Zuerich 2013-2014, Kaspar Mueller
— Book design Wir spielen (We play), a script on collectivities, the significance of the pronoun 'we' and The People Mover by Mary Ellen Solt. For NGBK Berlin. Read more here and here
— Identity selador.me, online exhibition space, streaming of performances, initiated by Anna Franceschini
— Magazine design Ricardo Bofill, mono.kultur
— Book design 1930 and From yu to me, monographs for Aleksandra Domanovic
— Book design Ravel Ravel Unravel, Anri Sala, on the occasion of the 55th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia
— Identity Geiss for fashion designer Geissbuhler
— Jenseits der Mensch-Mensch-Grenze Beyond the bond publication design
— Poster and DVD for Angst, Issue #3
— On the occasion of Frieze Art Fair London, PROJECT X, Marlie Mul, screenprint
Art Bingo with Goran Galic and Raphael Hefti, Zurich. Number combination scripted by Jonathan Puckey. Art works by Tina Brägger, Cristian Andersen, Stefan Burger, Fischli Weiss, Juerg Lehni, John Miller, Taiyo Onorato, Nico Krebs, John Miller, David Renggli, Alex Rich, Shirana Shabazi etc.
— Publication design Moon V_gue 2050 Sci-fi, earth edition. With Alicia Framis, maryme-jimmypaul and Timothy John Moore, the Netherlands
— Video work on gravity for the exhibition Gravity in Art and publication design, curated by Theo Tegelaers at de Appel, Amsterdam
— Spray painting over invitations by Katharina Grosse for her exhibition at de Appel, Amsterdam
— Fashion show set up and look book design Bernhard Willhelm
— Magazine design Mister Motley, contemporary visual arts magazine, Netherlands
— Record design Diese Schallplatte enthält Musik von Dan-Ola Persson, geschrieben und aufgenommen für die Videos von Lars ✌ Laumann, 2008-2010
Kadist Paris and The Anti-Social Majority @ Kunsthall Oslo with Lars ✌ Laumann, Kjersti Andvig, Vela Arbutina, Benjamin A. Huseby, Jeanette Main, Stewart Uoo, Dan-Ola Persson

— Group show at Gallery Silberkuppe Berlin: immobilienscout24.de / Architect: Karl Schneider / Year: 1928, curated by Leidy Churchman
Nicky (2001) and Nikki (1998), tracks altered and mixed by M.E.S.H, @ NASA Amsterdam, curated by Petra Heck
Kadist Paris and The Anti-Social Majority @ Kunsthall Oslo with Lars ✌ Laumann, Kjersti Andvig, Vela Arbutina, Benjamin A. Huseby, Jeanette Main, Stewart Uoo, Dan-Ola Persson
Untitled (The Wiz), I Wanna Dance With Somebody at Galery West, Netherlands
— Altered Line Up 2010 for nobelprize.no site specific, Unofficial Nobel Peace Prize Internet Exhibition, curated by Alejandra Salinas and Aeron Bergman
Yoko Ono
Sweet dreams

Girls Like Us magazine (2009-2012), editor, creative direction and redesign:
With contributions and commissioned works by Bart de Baets, Devrim Bayar, Devin Blair, Melanie Bonajo, Marie Branellec, Alice Carey, Keren Cytter, Lauren Dillard, Lizzie Fitch, Lauren Flax, Anna Franceschini, Tavi Gevinson, Kim Gordon, Annika Henderson, Benjamin A.Huseby, Marie Karlberg, Kaisa Lassinaro, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Dafna Maimon, Eline McGeorge, Elizabeth Orr, Diane Pernet, Max Pitegoff & Calla Henkel, Joke Robaard, Holli Smith, Anie Stanley, Ryan Trecartin, Anne de Vries, Sara van der Heide, Leilah Weinraub, Vivian Ziherl